Legacy Suites Partnership

Incubator Space

What is Legacy Suites and Solutions’ Version of Incubator Space?

For the right business, the right concept, and the right leadership, Legacy may be interested in partnering with you to help propel your business and mentor your growth. Oftentimes incubators will allow for the free use of office space, co-working/collaborative areas, and conference areas to help save your business the expense of renting office space. In some special circumstances, if your product is truly something we feel passionate about, we may even arrange for some type of seed or small business funding.

Typically, entering into an Incubator Space agreement with us may involve a trade of what we have to offer and/or some possible funding for your venture in exchange for a very small interest in your business. The steps to potentially entering into an Incubator Space Agreement with us would start with:

  • Entrepreneur contacts us via email
  • Entrepreneur completes a short questionnaire
  • Legacy reviews this questionnaire and determines if we would be able to help
  • If we can help, Legacy will inform the Entrepreneur there is interest and we will arrange a meeting
  • Both Entrepreneur and Legacy will determine if they’d like to pursue this possibility and under what terms

We get Incubator Space inquiries regularly. We are very selective with who and what concepts interest us. However, if you have a proven concepts or business that just needs a little extra push we might be able to help with that as well. If you think this path might be for you, give us a holler – let's see if we can partner up!

You may contact us at (979) 704-5385 if you’d like to speak to us about any of our locations including the new and planned ones.